Michael Sobie likes how well his Axis Arches rinse...
RE: Axis Arch testimonial-Waterworks Car Wash
I am most impressed with the Axis Arch's ability to rinse an automobile properly for the first time since we've been in business. If you were to rinse your vehicle off on your own, you would not just do it from the top and side, you would do it from the front, back, sides and top, which is what the Axis Arch does. We have a full service tunnel and an express wash tunnel on the same site, each having its own Axis Arch, and we could not be happier with their operation. They are trouble-free and require very little maintenance. A real bonus has been the customers' response to how well the Axis Arches rinse.
The customers on our full service side can be seen standing and watching the arch run on our busy days.
Great work, great engineering, great product. I am very pleased with our purchase of two Axis Arches and I look forward to more products from Motor City.
Michael Sobie
Owner, Waterworks Car Wash
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Wash Works equipment looks and works great!
Car Wash USA Express
Car Wash USA Express
We operate several express exterior car washes in the Memphis market and two of them have complete conveyor tunnels from Motor City Wash Works. We are very happy with the equipment. The Color Skins really enhance our brand identity and the equipment looks great. Motor City Wash Works really stands behind their products.
Bob McQuage
Car Wash USA Express
~Elvis Presley Blvd.
~Summer Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee



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