Motor City Super Duty Conveyor
  Super Duty ISO
Motor City's Super Duty Conveyor has 1/2 inch thick steel on all horizontal tire and roller surfaces, 3/8 inch thick steel everywhere else. All of the features are "Super Duty" rated, because your conveyor is the backbone of your operation.
When you operate a tunnel car wash, you need a reliable conveyor. Motor City's Super Duty Conveyor is manufactured with years of experience based features. You can rely on this conveyor, even on Saturday or Sunday morning!
Roller Correlator
Super Duty Roller Correlator
Our Correlator sits in-ground in a steel outer frame and a steel inner sub frame. UHMWPE plastic rollers fit over the shaft to allow the tires of vehicles slide sideways as the vehicle aligns itself with the opening of the conveyor track. Roller Guided Y section helps alignment and avoids rim damage.

Super Duty Over Under Conveyor
The Super Duty Conveyor is built tough enough to meet the most rigorous conditions of any car wash out there. Standard features like 1/2 inch thick steel on the top deck, 3/8 thick steel everywhere else, on-demand anti-jam roller fork, double air cylinder chain tension & take-up, and double plastic covered guide rails make this one of the best conveyors in the industry.
Get 100 feet of Super Duty conveyor for just $29,300! That includes all the great standard features, including double plastic guide rails, 4 foot roller spacing, X458 chain, 1/2 thick steel decks, double take up air cylinders, ...
Standard Features -
  • Air Take-Up - Allows for quick, tool free release of the chain tension for easy maintenance, smooth operation and longer life of the chain and rollers.
  • Hydraulic Drive Motor or Electric Drive Motor - Your Choice!
  • Heco planetary drive gear box.
  • The drive system can be mounted on either the driver side or the passenger side - Your Choice!
  • Black painted steel framework for excellent corrosion resistance.
  • On demand, Anti-Jam Roller Tip-up Fork allows vehicles to load quickly and smoothly to wash more cars per hour.
  • Manual Tip-up Fork Lever, just in case.
  • Premium X458 chain is extremely strong, and it can be assembled or disassembled by hand for easy maintenance.
  • 13 inch wide tire track will allow you to wash the widest tires on the road!
  • Safety yellow UHMW plastic outside guide rails Plastic covered guide rails on both sides are standard features so cars won't jump out of the track and rims won't get scratched.
  • Electromagnetic proximity switch counts pulses at the exit drive sprocket to synchronize the timing of the entire car wash system.
  • 1/2 inch thick rubber roller up door is as reliable as it is quiet.
  • Exit roller door easily tips out of the way of exiting rollers without bumping or nudging cars forward out the exit.
  • Center sections come in standard lengths of 10 feet. Center sections can be built to order from 1 foot up to 9 feet in one foot increments for sites that have an odd size conveyor trench.
  • Entrance and Exit sections each are 5 feet long.
Conveyor Chain X458
 X458 conveyor chain can be assembled by hand for quick and easy changes.
Long lasting combination urethane and polyethylene conveyor rollers.
Air cylinders are used on each side of the conveyor take-up assembly to stabilize the load and apply even pressure so the chain stays tight.
Customer Testimonial
     "The new Motor City Wash Works Super Duty™ Conveyor was installed and up and running on time for our sunny Saturday opening. It has worked perfectly for the several thousands cars over it so far. This is a testament to the engineering and overall car wash experience everyone at Motor City Wash Works brings to the table. Well done Motor City, well done. Love it! Thank you! Michael Sobie, Waterworks Carwash."



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