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Wash Street Car Wash Systems manufactured by Motor City Wash Works are designed with innovation in mind. We set out to be a little different in our approach, to offer better features and benefits that the other guys didn't think of or don't provide, all at a great value. Check out our latest 264 page catalog, in .pdf version, that spells out all the details.
Color Skinz F2B Mitters
Choose from 48 vibrant color combinations*. The "Skinz" are the primary colors on the outside, and the "Accent" sheets are the secondary colors in the middle.
Motor City Wash Works'® exclusive Color Skinz™ (U.S. patent pending) are plastic extruded covers that snap over the aluminum structure of all of Wash Works' equipment. The "skinz" are the outside cover that fit over the 4 inch diameter 3/4 round beams, and the "accent" plastic sheet fits between the beams to cover the wide open utility chase ways, hiding utility cables, tubes and hoses. Color Skinz allow car wash businesses to color match their brand image with a sleek, clean, vibrant equipment package. Color Skinz™ are made out of tough, UV resistant UHMW Polyethylene. They stay clean longer, and clean up faster and easier than any other surface available. When you tire of the color combination or when your wash needs a change of identity, color skinz are inexpensive, simple and easy to change. Don't settle for peeling powder coated equipment from the competition, choose Color Skinz™, only available from Motor City Wash Works.

Color Skinz color pallette









yellow-black color skinz

yellow-gray color skinz

yellow-white color skinz

yellow-blue color skinz

yellow-red color skinz


orange-black color skinz

orange-gray color skinz

orange-white color skinz

orange-blue color skinz

orange-red color skinz


green-black color skinz

green-gray color skinz

green-white color skinz

green-blue color skinz

green-red color skinz


blue-black color skinz

blue-gray color skinz

blue-white color skinz

blue-blue color skinz

blue-red color skinz


pink-black color skinz

pink-gray color skinz

pink-white color skinz

pink-blue color skinz

pink-red color skinz


red-black color skinz

red-gray color skinz

red-white color skinz

red-blue color skinz

red-red color skinz


white-black color skinz

white-gray color skinz

white-white color skinz

white-blue color skinz

white-red color skinz


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*(Colors shown may not be an exact match due to web based color variance)



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